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The Arts & Healing Podcast, a project of the Arts & Healing Network, includes over 35 interviews with artists and innovators who are using creativity for healing, transformation and social change. Although the Arts & Healing Network closed in 2015, the podcast remains online as a source of inspiration about the transformational power of creativity.

Nov 2, 2007

John Fox, Certified Poetry Therapist, is a poet and author of Finding What You Didn't Lose:  Expressing Your Truth and Creativity through Poem-Making and Poetic Medicine: The Healing Art of Poem-Making.

He teaches regularly at the collegiate and post graduate level as an adjunct faculty member of the California Institute of Integral Studies, John F. Kennedy University, Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, the University of California, Santa Cruz and Holy Names University.

His work reaches people in hospitals, churches and retreat centers.

John is an international leader in the movement of poetry therapy as an expressive art and medicine. He served as president of National Association of Poetry Therapy in 2003- 2005. He received The National Association for Poetry Therapy's Distinguished Service Award in 1995 and since that time, he has served as a mentor/supervisor in the field of poetry therapy.