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The Arts & Healing Podcast, a project of the Arts & Healing Network, includes over 35 interviews with artists and innovators who are using creativity for healing, transformation and social change. Although the Arts & Healing Network closed in 2015, the podcast remains online as a source of inspiration about the transformational power of creativity.

Mar 23, 2013

Timothy McLaughlin is a poet, teacher and the founder of the Spoken Word Program at the Santa Fe Indian School (SFIS). This program empowers students to create original poetry – which incorporates Native languages and philosophies – and then perform that poetry for diverse audiences locally, nationally, and internationally. He and his students have received numerous awards and have been featured on many radio and television programs. You can learn more about the SFIS Spoken Word Program at

Originally from Washington DC, Timothy has been teaching in Native communities since 1997. He was named the University of Virginia Madison House Alumni of the Year in 2007 for his dedication to service work. Timothy has also produced the poetry CD, Moccasins and Microphones: Modern Native Storytelling Through Performance Poetry, and is the editor of the book Walking on the Earth and Touching the Sky: Poetry and Prose by Lakota Youth at Red Cloud Indian School (Abrams Books 2012). His writing has appeared in several publications, including The Declaration and Radical Grace