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The Arts & Healing Podcast, a project of the Arts & Healing Network, includes over 35 interviews with artists and innovators who are using creativity for healing, transformation and social change. Although the Arts & Healing Network closed in 2015, the podcast remains online as a source of inspiration about the transformational power of creativity.

Jul 21, 2008

Ecological artist Aviva Rahmani’s current work reflects her interest in the application of mapping analysis to, "explore potential solutions for urban and rural water degradation in large landscapes."

She is currently using the Internet to perform residencies, "without the international travel that spews jet fuel over the earth's waters." Virtual Cities and Oceans of If, and the on-going Virtual Concerts address global warming and geo-political conflicts by demonstrating, analyzing and interpreting the local impact of global warming at international real world sites.

You can learn more about Rahmani's work at